Time for a New Phone

I noticed the other day in my mobility account that I can upgrade my phone. I thought I had a couple more months to the end of my contract, but I guess the phone is paid off now, so I don’t have to pay extra for an upgrade.

I’ve had in mind, for a while, what phone I was thinking I might upgrade to, but while doing a bit of research a couple other phones caught my attention, so I thought I would seek the opinions of my fellow techies out there.

My Current Device

Currently, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve been fairly loyal to Samsung throughout my years of owning a cell phone. Every phone I have had has been a Samsung device, except my first smartphone, a Blackberry Curve, which I only kept for 10 months, because I absolutely hated it. My next phone was a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, followed by the Galaxy S4 I have now.

I’ve always been happy with my Samsung devices until my current one. I realized how much crap Samsung puts on their devices. All the bloatware they fill the device with that you can’t remove. Because of all that extra shit, on a 16 GB device, there’s not a lot of space for other things. I’ve filled the internal storage with pictures and videos on several occasions. Thank God for Google+ Photos auto backup!
I don’t have to worry about putting my pictures on my computer anymore before I can take new ones. I’ve used to use an extra MicroSD card but my S4 didn’t like the card I used to use, it kept saying it was ejected, so I got annoyed and gave up on it.

What I’m Looking For

User Experience/User Interface

I also have a Google Nexus 10. I have to say that I am quite partial to the real Android experience. I like not having all that extra crap I don’t use on my device.

Price Point

Based on the things I like about my Nexus tablet, I had been thinking that I want a Nexus phone. The Nexus 5 seems like a great device, but it’s been around for a long time and Google hasn’t released any sort of updated version of it. I considered the Nexus 6, however the price is quite high, even on a 2 year contract.
I’d prefer not to have to pay more than $200 on a two-year contract, and the Nexus 6 is $279.95.

Screen/Device Size

I find the 5 inches of screen on the S4 to be a little much, but I do prefer it over the 4.5 of my old Captivate. So, I don’t think I really want to go up to a 6 inch phone. 5.5 is maybe a little more than I’d want too, but I’m not ruling it out.

Decent Storage Space

Even though I have an iPod Touch, I like to be able to listen to music from my phone in my car, occasionally, and having so little space on my S4 makes that difficult. With that in mind, I’d prefer to have a device that isn’t filled with a shit ton of bloatware. More total memory isn’t a big issue for me, but having enough space that I won’t fill the device up all the time is great.

Operating System

Obviously, I like Android. I have no desire to have an iPhone, at all. I have my iPod Touch and that’s about as much iOS as I can handle. I am not a fan. I also definitely don’t want a Windows phone.

Devices I’m Considering

HTC One M9

HTC has been second on my list for a while. If I had decided not to go with the S4, I would have gone with the HTC One, I believe it was the M7 that was out at the time. I had heard good things about HTC’s devices, but was a bit more biased toward Samsung at the time.

I have also heard that HTC seems to get the new Android updates sooner than some other manufacturers Especially Samsung.
That’s another thing I don’t like about Samsung’s devices. They always take so long to send out the OS updates, which I assume is due to the fact that they modify it so much from what Google originally releases. My Nexus 10 always seems to be 2-3 releases ahead of my S4. Its kind of annoying.
The camera isn’t a hugely important factor, but I do like the higher megapixels of the HTC One M9, especially the fact that the front camera is more than 2 MP.
I also quite like that the speakers on several of the HTC One models are on the front as well, although that isn’t a huge factor for me, the tiny speaker on the back of the S4 is quite annoying.
Although the aluminum design is nice, I don’t really have a preference either way about the materials making up the casing of the device, since I generally keep my phones in cases.
The HTC One M9, on a two year contract is $149.95, so below my preferred maximum, but on the higher side.


I had never really considered LG as a viable option, but the G3 looks to be a pretty nice device, and I haven’t heard anything bad about it.

Again, the camera looks nice, and the physical design of the device is nice as well.
The screen is a 5.5 inch, which I’m a bit worried about it being too big for my preferences, but I’m not completely against it.
Best of all the price on a two year contract is $49.95, so definitely preferable.


I am leaning towards the HTC, however the LG is becoming a little more appealing the more I look into it.
I’m just curious, if any of you techies out there have any thoughts or opinions. Has anyone used either or both of these devices? Any insights that might help me make a decision?
Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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