The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday, and I totally don’t understand what it was about.

Bit of a (fan)girly explanatory intro…

When I was getting dressed yesterday morning, I chose to wear my weeping angel (Doctor Who) tank top, with a brown tank top under it.

I wanted to wear my TARDIS bracelet, but I also wanted to wear more bracelets because I’ve gotten used to wearing 4 or 5 on my left wrist. (I’m also self-conscious about scars on my wrist, even though the older ones are pretty light, I have some more recent ones that aren’t quite that light.)

My Harry Potter bracelet set (plus Deathly Hallows bracelet) is brown and gold, so I figured the colours I was wearing would look good together (excluding the black hoodie I wore to keep myself warm). So, I opted for the HP set on my left wrist and my single TARDIS bracelet on my right wrist, pared with an off-white, plain, braided bracelet from my Orphan Black set.

The important thing to note here is I am right handed, and sometimes wearing things on my right wrist can get in the way of things and be a little irritating, so I only ever wear bracelets and stuff on my left wrist. In addition to that, my left hand is not very coordinated, so putting things on my right wrist is tricky (so is painting my nails on my right hand). I think it took like like 5 minutes just to get those two bracelets on.

The weirdness…

So, I went upstairs to start working. I was sitting at my computer with my coffee and I just felt kind of weird. I am used to having stuff on my left wrist, but it felt weird having bracelets on my right.

I don’t really know how to explain it. It was just a weird feeling, in my whole body, but felt like it was mostly in my arms.

At first, it kind of felt like I was backwards. It was weird. Because I’m used to having things around my left wrist it felt like there was nothing there, but it felt like there was lots of heavy strings wrapped around my right wrist. It started to feel like my arms were not part of my body anymore. That’s a terrible explanation and probably sounds worse than it was, but it was just a super weird and uncomfortable feeling, and it was freaking me out.

So, I tried moving my arms around to just sort of loosen things up a bit, thinking maybe it was just weird tension or a circulation issue or something that could be explained away physically. Didn’t seem to help.

I’ve been reading lots and watching lots of YouTube videos about mental illnesses in the past few months, and suddenly the thought of dissociation popped into my head.

I don’t, at all, think that’s what it was, but it was the first thing I thought of and that freaked me out even more!

I panicked, and rushed to take off the bracelets from my right wrist. I still felt a little weird for a while, but it started going away, and an hour later, I had forgotten about it, mainly because there was lots going on at work, and I had lots of stuff to do.

Weirdest thing ever! I don’t know what it was, but holy shit I will probably never try to put bracelets on my right wrist ever again. Totally freaked me out.