Some good little tips if you know someone with anxiety

16 Little Things You Can Do For Someone With Anxiety

Numbers 1 and 11!!!!! Fuuuuuuck!!!!!!!

1. Don’t put off responding to a message.

Nobody is saying that you have to be available all the time, but leaving an anxious person waiting for hours can create way more discomfort for them than just leaving a quick message.

Just don’t!

11. Don’t create unnecessary suspense.

Phrases like “I need to talk to you later” can make all of us nervous, so just imagine how that feels for someone with anxiety.


Because it gives us too much time to let our imagination run wild. And it will! Guaranteed. And it’s never good. It usually either someone is dead or you hate us. Or in work situations, we’re fired.

Doesn’t matter how great we think we’re doing and that the bad thing has never happened before and we know how extremely unlikely it is, our minds go there whether we want it to or not.

When were stuggling the most, it is extremely difficult to remind ourselves of how illogical and irrational it is. When were managing it better, we talk back to the thought and can move on, but it doesn’t stop the thoughts from happening in the first place.

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