Sheldon? Really?

I know these quizzes are supposed to be fun and everything, but this shows you how terribly inaccurate they are.

I got Sheldon. That didn’t bother me. I kind of hate Sheldon (he annoys the hell out of me), but Big Bang Theory wouldn’t be Big Bang Theory without him.

What bothered me was the description. LITERALLY the only thing here that is true is that I’m dedicated to my chosen fandoms.

I have terrible self confidence and self esteem and would never in a million years think I am smarter than anyone I know, because that’s how poorly I think of myself. (Argue with me all you want, it won’t change how I feel, and I know that how I feel isn’t necessarily true.)

On top of that, the questions are terrible. Asking me to pick a breakfast when I like most of the options, how does that tell you about my personality? And choosing a song from 6 options when I don’t know 2 of them and I don’t even like the other 4. And yes, I knew the answer to the algebra question, but that doesn’t effect my personality, it just means I understand algebra.

I also did one that tried to guess what level of education I have, which I thought would be fun. The result was. I guess on most of the questions, but the result said I have a PhD (which is why I think its funny, because I definitely don’t). But the result said that I excel academically, which I definitely do not. I hated school. I don’t do well in that kind of environment. I’m very hands on. I do not do well writing in a strictly structured setting and am not very good at organizing my thoughts (as you may have noticed). Learning information is not my strong suit. Learning how to do things is. Therefore, I was better suited for college than university. I have an Ontario college diploma. Definitely do not have a degree, masters, PhD, or anything fancy. Just a two year diploma.

But even though I don’t do well at the academic type stuff, I am also very good at retaining random knowledge. It has to be of some interest to me for me to actually retain it though. So all the stuff I learned in social studies, aside from geography (which is very visual), I don’t remember a thing! Science, I was good at the math stuff, but anything else…not so much. I am excellent at algebra! I actually kind of enjoyed algebra in high school. I think that’s part of why I like the scripting side of web development so much. (For you non-web devs out there, you may understand that more as programming, but it is more accurate to call what I do “scripting”. Especially, if you talk to an actual programmer. I do know the difference!)

Anyways, back to the Big Bang Theory quiz. I know it was supposed to be fun, but it irked me a little. A lot of these stupid quizzes do. You’d think that would make me stop doing them….It doesn’t.

Here’s the quiz. Have fun! Feel free to share your results.
Oh, and here’s the education quiz too.

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