Physical Diagnostics for Mental Illness Could be a Game Changer!

I was kind of sceptical when I started reading this article because I don’t think the process of diagnosis is the problem. (Getting people with depression to seek help is a different issue. I speak from personal experience there.)

What really needs to be addressed is finding a better way to determine the right treatment for each person. Because everyone is different, their bodies and brains react differently to different medications, but the problem right now is that we don’t know how each individual person is going to react to each medication.

Some people go for years and years of different medications and treatments seeing very little result, some of which may cause poor physical reactions which, again, can be different for each person. If we could eliminate the terrible process of trying to find the right treatment, it would make a lot of lives easier.

But then I realized, having a physical way of diagnosing depression could lead to finding ways of determining the best course of treatment for each individual. So, maybe this is a step in the right direction.

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