One Brave Night

CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health

The other day, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a post about a fundraising  event that CAMH is running called One Brave Night for Mental Health. There’s less than 2 weeks left, but I felt like it was a very important thing, and I had no choice but to participate.

What is ‘One Brave Night’?

People living with mental illness tell us nighttime is the hardest for them. It is in the darkness that they feel most alone and have the least amount of hope.

CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health asks Canadians to bravely share one night to inspire hope for the 1 in 5 people who will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.

We challenge the country to stay up all night and fundraise in order to defeat mental illness. You can create your own all-night challenge and get together with friends and family to marathon-watch your favourite series, host a board game tournament, or go camping and stay up wishing on stars.

At dawn, participants will post their #sunriseselfies to stand in support of those living with mental illness.

See more info on the One Brave Night website.

It’s kind of funny that I haven’t actually heard this about people with mental illness finding nighttime the hardest part of the day, but now that I think about it, it really is. I find a certain amount of calm to it.

When I want to get things done, it’s easiest for me to do when the rest of the world is quiet. But at the same time, it’s also when my mind is the loudest. The times when my pain has been the worst has always been at night. Or simply when I’m alone. I think the reason for that is because when I’m around people, I have a distraction from my own mind. I can be enjoying myself one moment, and the second everyone leaves, I get sucked into the dark abyss of my thoughts. Worries. Regrets.

Support Me & CAMH

One Brave Night occurs on May 13th, which isn’t very far away. I, along with many others across Canada, will be staying up all night. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do during that time yet, but I’ll more than likely be on Twitter all night. And then in the morning, I will be taking a sunrise selfie. (The one part I’m not looking forward to, but I’m going to do it!)

My initial goal, which was the default set when I created my account was $150. In two days I’m already at $200, so I’ve increased my goal to $350.

Even if you can only help a small amount, $5 would be wonderful! It’s going towards a great cause. And as someone who deals with mental health issues on a daily basis, it would mean the world to me personally to see support going to all kinds of mental health initiatives in Canada.

If you would like to contribute, and help me reach my fundraising goal, please donate by going to my One Brave Night for Mental Health page:

Mental Health Week

Finding out about CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health also comes at the perfect time, because this coming week, May 2-8, is the CMHA’s 65th Annual Mental Health Week.

Last year I had planned to post several articles talking about different mental illnesses, in attempt to spread awareness, but ended up putting so much pressure on myself that I couldn’t do it at all. This year, I’ve been so busy with my new job that I’ve found it very difficult to make time for myself, let alone time to actually sit down and write coherent posts on my blog. May snuck up on me really quickly.

I’ll try to post a few things this week, but I’m not making any guarantees, and I am certainly not putting pressure on myself to do it either.

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