One Brave Night – Update 4

I’m up to episode 5 of season 9 of Smallville. About an hour or so ago, I got past that threshold where I stopped being sleepy and became more awake. But now it’s gone and I’m super sleepy now. I have to keep getting up and walking around to keep myself awake. Another thing that’s helping is stretching a muscle I strained a couple days ago. The pain wakes me up a bit! lol

(I fell onto my aunt and uncles car from a shitty plastic deck chair  at our hotel in Kirkland Lake, that had clearly been left outside through multiple winters and summers.)

According to Google the sun will rise at 5:53am where I am. It’s 5:25 now, so I’m almost there!! Will probably get thought this episode of Smallville that I just started and then hopefully there will be enough light for my sunrise selfie, and then I am going to take a nice long nap!

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