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I’ve had several blogs in the past, as I was beginning to develop my skills as a web developer (this is going back into my teen years), but eventually I realized that I really didn’t have a lot of interesting things to write about. Well, actually, in some ways, I still don’t. But, as I embark on a new journey in life, I feel like maybe I do have something to contribute to society, however small it may be.

What is that new journey? You may be wondering. Well, I was recently diagnosed with a mental illness. I’d struggled with it for many years – ok, that makes me sound old… I will be turning 27 in 2 weeks – but never got help.

There were a few factors contributing to why it took so long for me to get help.

  1. I was young when it started. I didn’t know what was going on. I thought it was normal or just a part of my personality, and that I was terrible and handling stress of life.
  2. When I did sort of start to gain an outsiders understanding of mental illness, I didn’t fully understand the symptoms or the illnesses.
  3. No one else really noticed, or didn’t speak up about it. No one ever asked me how I really was. I think most of the people in my life didn’t have the knowledge or understanding themselves to see what was really going on.
  4. The stigma around mental illness. I was scared of how people would react when they found out. It terrified me.
  5. The biggest reason: The illness itself. Every time I started to think, Hold on, maybe this isn’t right. Maybe there really is something wrong. Maybe I do need to talk to someone about this. The response would be, Nope. Its all in your head. Its not real. If you tell someone, they’ll tell you that you’re making it up. They’ll say there’s nothing wrong with you, just suck it up and move on. Or sometimes it would be more along the lines of, No, you’re crazy. If you tell anyone, they’ll say that you have issues. You’re can’t handle normal life, so they’ll lock you up and never let you have a life ever again.

I’ve been posting things on my various social media sites, but I decided that I needed a central hub, to keep everything. Then it came to me. I should start a blog! Its been probably 6 years since I’ve maintained a blog, so I’m a bit out of practice, but like I said, I feel like I have a little more to contribute now, than I did before.

I definitely don’t plan to make this blog exclusively about mental health, since I don’t feel I could maintain something like that but at least for a little while, it may be focussed a little more towards that topic.

Other things you might see here are my geekery and fangirlness! Yes, that’s right, I am a bit of a nerd. (Come on, I said, right in the first sentence, that I’m a web developer, what did you expect?!)

I love sci-fi and fantasy!

I am not a gamer, so there won’t be much of that here. (Not that I have anything against video games, I just never got into it.)

I am one of those people who goes to sci-fi/comic/entertainment conventions. One day, I will go to San Diego Comic Con!! It’s on my bucket list…or would be, if I started having a bucket list.

I am not a cosplayer…yet. I’ve been considering it more and more recently, so one day I may get into that. If I do, you will definitely hear about it here!

There are other things I am interested in too, so I’m sure they will show up on here eventually.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

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