My Anxious Heart

Photo by Katie Crawford

I found myself in tears while looking at these photos. I haven’t seen such an excellent depiction of anxiety and depression.

“It finds you when you’re in the midst of joy, or alone in your own mind. It is quiet and steady, reminding you of your past failures, and fabricating your future outcomes.” 

It is so hard to explain how anxiety feels to people who haven’t experienced it. Katie Crawford did an excellent job of summing up what generalized anxiety disorder and depression feels like for someone who has it!

As someone who has both generalized anxiety disorder and depression, I find these images so relatable, and am thankful to be able to share these, and use them to help explain it to others.

“There’s a misconception that anxious people are antisocial, short fused or overdramatic. But they’re most likely processing everything around them so intensely that they can’t handle a lot of questions, people or heavy information all at once.”

Check out Katie’s full photo series on her blog and website.

I found Katie’s work through this article via Facebook.

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