Medication Diaries: Holding Steady

So, because I’ve been feeling so down the last little while, I have struggled to motivate myself to write on my blog. But I feel like I’m due for for a medication update.

I think the last time I posted about it, I talked about having some stomach issues and I was going to talk to my doctor about it.

I did, and he said that the antidepressant I am currently on, is not generally known for causing stomach issues, and that I probably just have “anxious bowels”.

Not even kidding. That’s what he said! Haha.

But it actually makes sense and explains the inconsistency of the issues I was having.

So for now, we’ve stuck to the same medication. I’ve been on 150mg for about 6 weeks with no adverse side effects.

Today, my doctor and I discussed it a bit more. I’m not sure if it is having any effect or not. He said we could increase it to 200mg but it wouldn’t be much of an increase, and since I didn’t really feel much of a change when increasing the last two times, he’s reluctant to increase it more.

He said the next common option is to add in another type of medication that has a slightly different effect on the brain. Rather than just changing medications altogether. But he wants to give it a bit more time, so for now, were not changing anything.

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