Medication Diaries: Breakfast Experiment

Since my last medication diaries post, I did a little experiment.

Ok, that sounds like a bad thing…

Part of this idea came out of the anxiety and procrastination of calling my doctor about this issue. Part of it was the logical side of my brain telling me there might be a different issue.

I have had a theory that I may have a minor gluten intolerance since my mom found out that she does. But I haven’t wanted to get tested for it because I love food that has gluten in it!! I mean, who doesn’t. I don’t want to give up gluten altogether, although, I have found many really good gluten free foods and treats.

But for my cereal, lately I have been on a Mini Wheats kick. I’ve been eating brown sugar Mini Wheats for breakfast for the last two weeks straight, and before that, alternating with another cereal (which the grocery store has been out of for a while) with the odd day of oatmeal mixed in, usually on weekends.

It suddenly occurred to me, that my stomach felt better on the days I had oatmeal. Not 100%, but like I said last time, I’ve always had digestive issues.

Because I have never eaten Mini Wheats consistently for this long before, I have never had these symptoms. So, the last two days in a row, I had oatmeal for breakfast. So far, it is actually working.

So, I think the stomach/digestive issues I was having may have been from all the wheat I was eating, so I’m going to cut back on the mini wheats and see how it goes.

We’ll see how it goes. And don’t worry I will bring out up with my doctor at my next appointment, which I scheduled at my last appointment. (If I don’t do it that way, I would never book follow up appointments.)

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