High Levels of Hippocampal FGF9 Play an Important Role in the Development or Expression of Mood and Anxiety Disorders

This is really interesting.


Only thing that bugs me is the one comment in the last paragraph:

[Paul Andrews] also warns that we ought to continue trying to determine whether depression has evolutionary benefits — helping with deep analytical thought, for example — before rushing to medicate.

While I agree that living with anxiety and depression has provided me with certain benefits in how I think and process information, I do not enjoy the constat worry and fear and lack of motivation and energy and the suicidal thoughts, as I’m sure most would agree. Living with a mind that thinks a lot about dying and wishes I didn’t exist is not easy or fun.

I would gladly lose the constantly being hyper aware of my surroundings, to the point of feeling as though I had ADD (my doctor has not ruled that diagnosis for me out yet). I would gladly lose the hours spent in deep analytical thought. I would gladly lose the insomnia and worry that keeps me awake at night, of our meant that I could be happy.

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