Going for a Walk

You know how when someone is stressed or worried, they will often got for a walk to “clear their head”? It seems like such a simple thing, and for most, it works.
This may or may not be true for other people with anxiety or depression, but for me, that ” going for a walk to clear my head” thing does not work!!
Walking is such a mindless activity. It doesn’t require much thought to do it. When I do things that don’t require active thought, my brain doesn’t shut the hell up.
If there’s something bothering me, stressing me out, making me anxious, going for a walk tends to make it worse. The only way for me to move past the issue is to distract myself from it. I have to keep myself actively thinking about something else. It is very difficult, nearly impossible, for me to “clear my head.” My brain just doesn’t work that way.
Today was a particularly bad day for me. It started right from the moment I woke up and hasn’t stopped. My eyelids hurt from crying. And there’s not even a good reason for it. At least not from the perspective of someone without a mental illness. I’m sure people with anxiety and/or depression can relate.
I’m still trying to find ways for me to get through those bad days.
What do you do to clear your head or get through anxious moments or stressful days?

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