Getting ready for Ride Don’t Hide, with the help (and chaos) of my best friend!

I’ve been working at getting physically ready to participate in Ride Don’t Hide this Sunday, and I’ve been taking my dog, Mosley, out for bike rides with me. He’s pay border collie, so he had tons of energy and is very athletic – even with his little Corgi legs. He’s also quite strong for his size. People are always shocked at how strong he is. And he’s very smart, even though he is 50% Shih Tzu. He does have Shih Tzu moments though.

I love that Mosley has the energy to run a whole kilometre beside me on the bike, but sometimes he’s too strong.

Tonight’s adventures…

First, he pulled me from the driveway, to the end of the corner and across the street, and onto the sidewalk.

Then, when we started back on the road, but he decided to run on the grass between the road and the sidewalk. Then, he decided he had to poo – even though I gave him plenty of opportunity before I got on the bike. I couldn’t break fast enough at the speed we were going. I hit the end of his leash because I could drop it quick enough, pulled him about a metre forward (glad he was on the grass, cuz it could have hurt his paws) while he was mid-squat, my handle bars turned slightly as I came almost to a stop, lost my balance and feel over, onto the road.

I say up and looked to see where Mosley was, and he was looking a little startled, not sure what to do, but continued to walk, half squatted on the road.

I sat there laughing for a minute. No cars coming. My mom was down the street with her two Shih Tzus. She asked if I was OK and all I managed to say, between laughing was, “Mosley’s pooping on the road!” She burst out laughing too.

It took me about another minute to get up, just because I could get over how stupid the whole thing was and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Damage assessment

Thankfully, only minor damage.

  • Scraped the palm of my right hand.
  • Scraped my right knee.
  • Got dirty patch on my left calf that I didn’t notice until later. I can only assume it came from my left leg landing on top of the pedal.
  • My right arm is a little sore.


My arm is probably only sore because any time I think I’m falling (no matter the circumstance), my entire body tenses up in attempt to prevent me from falling at all costs, and I landed on my right hand.

In the past, this tensing up has resulted in many muscle strains.

I sprained my knee a couple winters ago, because I slipped and DIDN’T fall. Somehow I managed to twist my bad knee really weird while attempting to keep myself upright.

This tends to make it feel like I’m falling in slow motion. But it’s always too quick for me to think about allowing myself to relax my muscles and fall a certain way.

I think it’s a bit of a phobia I developed in figure skating, many years ago. I got it in my head, when I was quite young, that falling was bad. After a skating lesson, I thought that little to no falls was more of an accomplishment than landing a jump or perfecting a dance or skills pattern that I planned to to test for.

My last year before I quit, I was determined to land one particular jump I couldn’t quite master and it took a VERY conscious effort to NOT tense my entire body as I went stepped into it. By the time I finished that season, I think I’d only landed with a complete rotation one time, which was extremely discouraging and ultimately I decided to quit, even after doing a spring session.

Ride Don’t Hide

Regardless of whether I am afraid of falling, it’s still fun and I’m really looking forward to this Sunday!

I’m participating in the Niagara CMHA’s 5km ride. I start at 11am this Sunday.

Also, I’m $110 short of my fundraising goal. Head over to my Ride Don’t Hide profile page to sponsor me!

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