Bell Let’s Talk Day 2016

Let’s be proud. On Bell Let's Talk Day, the nation talked. Today, we are closer to creating a stigma-free Canada. $6,295,764.75 more for Canadian mental health.

The totals from Bell Let’s Talk Day are amazing!

I am so proud to be a Bell customer and to have participated in this cause for another year.

As someone directly affected by mental illness and has experienced discrimination and stigma first hand, initiatives like this make talking about it a little easier.

Although there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness, we’re are definitely seeing a shift. I hope that the next generation will be able talk openly about mental health and anyone struggling will be able to seek help without feeling shame or embarrassment.

Through awareness, we can end the stigma.

According to their website, $6,295,764.75 was raised.

That is almost 140,000,000 tweets with #BellLetsTalk, shares of the Facebook post, and texts and phone calls by Bell customers.

Great job Canada!

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