Apparently I’ve been doing math wrong…

I came across this on Facebook. I skimmed through a few of the comments on this and it seems I’ve been doing my multiplication incorrectly.

how to do math cry

I read 5×3 as five multiplied by three. So you have three fives: 5+5+5

But apparently, fives sets of three: 3+3+3+3+3


So the kid was told they answered it incorrectly even though, ultimately they had the right answer of 15.


If your goal is to completely destroy a child’s confidence, great job!

At the very least only take half a mark rather than a whole one, because the kids didn’t follow the rule of how it was taught. The still arrived at the correct answer.

This is going to make me feel old but, in my day, we were rewarded for getting the correct answer, not how we arrived at that answer, as long as we showed how we got there. If we didn’t show our work only partial marks were taken off, not fill marks.

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