5 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Has Social Anxiety

I’ve said this before, but usually I find these types of articles too generalized or completely out of context, therefore they don’t make a lot of sense, especially to an outsider. But this one, as someone with social anxiety, I found to be very relatable. So, I wanted to share some quotes that I connected with, personally.

Bustle – 5 Things Not To Say To Someone Who Has Social Anxiety

Many people who have social anxiety feel an immense amount of pressure to perform the “right” or “correct” way, even in a casual atmosphere like a holiday luncheon.

People who suffer from social anxiety often feel like they’re ultra-aware of everything going on around them, so it’s easy to feel overstimulated or overwhelmed.

For many people with social anxiety, there’s already a fear of being monitored and judged, so to have someone suggest that they need to smile more (or laugh more, or essentially be someone other than themselves) can feel like a nightmare coming true.

For people with social anxiety, it can feel like you’re never right. There’s an impulse to constantly question yourself and those around you, not because you doubt them, but because you want to make sure you heard them correctly. You want to make sure you remember each detail and get everything “right.”

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